Curriculum Contributions

Each school receives funding from the government to teach the standard curriculum. This funding pays for:

  • staff to do the teaching and run the school
  • the buildings and facilities, including running costs i.e. cleaning, utilities, services and maintenance
  • extra support for children with a disability.

In line with DET Policy, school councils are responsible for developing and approving school-level parent payment charges and can request payments from parents under three categories,

  1. Essential Educational Items - items that are essential to help your child learn the standard curriculum including;
    1. Textbooks and stationery that your child borrows from the school or keeps,
    2. Materials used for schoolwork where your child keeps the final product. For example, wood used in a woodworking class,
    3. School uniform,
    4. Excursions that all students must attend.
  2. Optional Items - These are items on top of the standard curriculum including;
    1. extra-curricular or after school programs
    2. class photos
    3. graduation
    4. materials that are more expensive than needed for the standard curriculum.
  3. Voluntary Contributions - Payments for a specific purpose;
    1. Nikki Jarvis-Morris Library Fund – Providing additional books for our student library
    2. Information Technology Contribution – updating of technology in the Prep – 2 area supporting student learning.

Moolap Primary School teaches the standard curriculum to all students for free, however, families are asked to pay for the Essential Educational Items that help their child learn the standard curriculum.  At Moolap Primary School, these Essential Educational Items are ordered in bulk for students, which is the cost we pass on to families.  Parents/guardians choosing to provide items themselves must consult with the school, as items should meet the specifications provided by the school and items will vary between school years. Please contact the office if you require an Itemised list of materials as these will vary for each year level and individual teacher requirements.

DET Parent Payment information available click here.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of our school lands, the Wadawurrung people, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.
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