Moolap Primary School has a small number of vacancies for Prep 2024.  If you are interested in enrolling your child next year please give the school a call on 5248 2284 or email us at Moolap.ps@education.vic.gov.au  to discuss your requirements. Our Principal offers 1:1 tours for families, please give us a call to arrange a time.

Please note that enrolments are in line with the Department of Education and Training “Placement Policy”.


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2023 Term Dates

2023Start dateFinish date
Term 127 January (students start 30 January in government schools)6 April
Term 224 April23 June
Term 310 July (Curriculum Day - Student Free - Tuesday 10 October 2023)15 September
Term 42 October20 December

Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee

On Friday 15th July Moolap Primary School held a Jubilee Street Party in recognition of the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Students, families and friends were invited to an afternoon tea, with a dress code of ‘the best of British’.  Guests enjoyed a fun afternoon and were treated to hot chips,  and scones with jam and cream.  It was wonderful to see the school yard full of smiling faces and an abundance of red white and blue!

This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program.

Moolap Primary Eco-Action Team shines in national sustainability competition

WASTE audits, random waste collection ‘Emu Bobs’ and a ‘Nude Food’ program were just some of the ways Moolap Primary earned recognition for their efforts in Coles’ Sustainability4Schools competition.

Moolap Primary School’s ‘Eco-Action Team’ was recognised for its efforts in Coles’ nationwide Sustainability4Schools competition, as Coles celebrated its 10-year partnership with recycling organisation REDcycle. The Coles Sustainability4Schools program was first launched in May this year and was open to all Australian primary schools. Schools that participated were required to explain how they were committed to protecting the environment.

Moolap Primary was awarded a ‘buddy bench’ made from 98 per cent recycled plastic provided by Coles, as did 80 other schools across Australia.

Principal of Moolap Primary School Peter Knight was ecstatic about the school being recognised for his students’ efforts, particularly from the Eco-Action Team.
“Our Year 3-6 ‘Eco-Action Team’ help raise awareness in our students at an early age. Students participate in this group on a weekly basis which includes senior students as Eco Leaders,” Mr Knight said.

“They are responsible for the care of the grounds, hand watering of some of our plants, maintenance of the wicking beds and vertical garden outside the vegetable garden, litter control and worm farms.

“The Eco-Action Team organise waste audits, random ‘Emu Bobs’ (waste collection by students) and monitor our ‘Nude Food’ program, encouraging students with ‘waste free lunches’.”

According to Prep teacher and key member of the school’s Eco-Action Team Laura Blackwell, she says their sustainability program continues to evolve.
In addition to their original grade 3-6 members, there are now two eco-leaders in every class from P-6 onwards.

The team also formally meets once per month where students bring forward any ideas or environmental issues that they think need attention.

“We also have a garden club once a week which is open to any students that wish to join in on the day and complete small jobs around our yard,” Ms Blackwell said. “I am very proud of our students for the ideas they have and the passion they bring to the eco action team.”

Coles general manager Kirsty Davis said Coles would continue to drive sustainability forward for the next generation and wanted to reward schools for playing their part in protecting the environment. “As part of Coles’ ‘Together to Zero’ strategy, we want to work with organisations like REDcycle and local schools to reduce waste and drive generational sustainability,” she said.
“School kids across Australia have inspired us with their innovative and proactive ways to protect the environment and we want to reward and recognise their efforts by providing them with a bench made from recycled plastic.”
In 2018, Moolap Primary School’s landfill per student was 0.54 cubic metres. In 2021, their landfill per student has been reduced to 0.25 cubic metres per student highlighting their progress over the years.

Moolap PS Indigenous Language ABC News


All students absences are to be entered via the Compass Parent Portal. Please see Admin staff if you require further assistance.


Moolap Primary School is committed
to strengthening relationships
between the wider Australian community
and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
for the benefit of all Australians. 

At our School, we have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)
which contains our formal statement
of commitment to Reconciliation.

Our RAP Working Group guides the School
to ensure our vision for Reconciliation is embedded
in our day-to-day learning and conduct.  

Using the Narragunnawali platform,
we teach and learn about the concept, history and progress
of Reconciliation.

Our students are encouraged
to think about how they can contribute
to the development of stronger respect, relationships and opportunities
in the classroom, around the school and with their community.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of our school lands, the Wadawurrung people, and pay our respects to elders past, present and future.


Students have thought for some time that the house system needed a re-vamp and they have been getting feedback from students and the community on possible new names.  Students finalised the names and have also linked the names to their local Wadawurrung language meaning.  The students wanted to recognise native animals and found an animal that came from the sky, water, air and land. 
The new names are: 

Green House
(Ringtail Possum)

Yellow House

Blue House

Red House

Students will be working on designing a logo for each house group