At Moolap Primary School, Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) helps all staff be consistent in interactions with students.  The Behaviour Matrix below is used to identify specific positive behaviours expected of all students in all learning environments around our school.

These behaviours reflect the school's values of
Respect - Responsibility - Integrity - Safety

Recognizing Positive Behaviour: 
At Moolap we have 2 levels of formally recognising positive behaviour:
1. 'Gotchas' - Gotchas are given to students by any adult at any time for displaying the school values.
2. 'Class Acknowledgement' - Class acknowledgement of meeting or exceeding school-wide behaviour expectations.

Inappropriate Behaviours:
The school has a consistent implementation of a staged response to inappropriate behaviour which is essential to developing a positive environment for learning. All teachers teach and implement this staged approach to students. For further information please do not hesitate contacting your child's class teacher.