On the gate, I have heard so many parents wonder aloud where three quarters of the year have gone.

As always, our team have been delighted by the enthusiasm and the level of engagement our students have in leading parents through their progress during conferences. These are the occasions that really helps shape your child’s perception of themselves as learners. On behalf of our community I thank our teachers for their efforts in guiding your child’s learning this term. I encourage you to take the time to convey a message of gratitude to your child’s teachers and other staff members.  This is the best present you can give to educators!

This week we have been able to confirm some exciting projects that will be taking place over the holiday and early next term.

These include:

  • Replacement of the front fence of the school
  • Replacement of the footpath from the gate to the netball courts
  • The development of a half soccer pitch grassed area which will be fully irrigated. Our hope is this will provide a more even surface for our students to complete PE activities.
  • The removal of some trees in the car park and in the school yard.
  • The installation of a new projector and upgrading the wiring in the Pavilion.

Please note that there are some days students will not be going to school early in Term 4. This includes:

  • Friday 20 October (Curriculum Day) – this is also Geelong Show Day
  • Wednesday 25 October (Public Holiday) – Geelong Cup Day

In addition our Year 3 & 4 head off to Camp Wyuna (16 & 17 November) and the Prep – 2’s participate in the Intensive Swim Program (29 November – 08 December).

The school will be primarily using the School Newsletter and Updated App to inform you of all events for the term. We will endeavour to put as much information as we can at the start of term so you can plan accordingly. Please see the Event Calendar on the school’s website for coming activities and events.

School Uniform

A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school.  Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Uniform/ Dress Code, for MoolapPrimary School.

The School Council have reviewed and ratified the School Uniform Policy.  Please click here to review the policy. The SC have developed a policy that allows parents affordable options to ensure all students are in uniform. Please read the policy carefully and help by ensuring your child is wearing the appropriate attire to school. Next term, we have organized clean jumpers for those students who wear, without a note from their parents, jumpers that fall outside the policy. For any families suffering hardship and requiring support with school uniforms please leave your details at the office and our school chaplain will be in touch to discuss options available.

Next term we expect all students to be wearing School Hats.

I  hope the warmer weather ushers out the particularly nasty viruses, colds and flu that seemed to linger for so many of us. Have a fun packed and restful holiday. Create some terrific memories with your children!





2018 Year 6 students are able to purchase commemorative Bomber Jackets and Polo’s.  Students have voted on the design & items are available to purchase online through FCW (Fashion Clubwear). Using the link below, click on Leavers Online Stores and select Moolap Primary School to place your order.

Sample sizes are available in the school office for those wishing to check sizing. 2018 Year 6’s will be presented with their items at Celebration Night at the end of Term 4, 2017.



Busy little bees this week at Extend. Making and performing in various ways. Finger puppets performed in our box theatre. We dressed up and performed our own unique stories and some twisted tales. Seeing the term out with a movie and munchie afternoon.

Thank you to the Faragos for their donation of dress ups to extend the imagination of the children even further.

I would like to thank all those who help me here at Moolap Extend. Be it a thank you, a smile, short chat or donations and ideas. Have a safe and restful break.

See you next Term!!

Emily Dakos, Team Leader

What’s on next term?

Monday 9 October: Mashed up Monsters

Tuesday 10 October: Picasso Heads

Wednesday 11 October: Dice Draw

Thursday 12 October: Hand Peacocks

Friday 13 October:   Hand span contrast

PARENT PORTAL: extend.com.au